Reno Sommerhalder

Filmmaker, author, photographer, and wildlife specialist

Reno Sommerhalder has been living his dream in Canada’s Rocky Mountains since the 1990s. He devotes his time to studying the behaviour of grizzly bears and to promoting a peaceful co-existence with these furry giants. This filmmaker, author, photographer, and wildlife specialist has the incredible ability to bring the mountains to life. To notice the wildflowers that a grizzly bear might enjoy for breakfast. A claw scratch mark on a spruce tree. A grizzly dig in an alpine meadow.

Join us for an insider’s experience into Being Bear in Glacier National Park this summer. Highlights include hiking in Balu Valley, the incredible Live Fire – Eat Like a Grizzly Gourmet dinner and evening fireside talks about what living with grizzly bears and wild creatures is all about. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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Day to Day – Being Bear at Heather Mountain Lodge

Glacier National Park

Living as a Grizzly

Theme for Day 2

On this first day, out in the wilderness, participants will learn about bear biology and bear safety. They will find out what is on the menu of a grizzly bear, where they sleep, why mother bears can be protective of their young, why they scratch on trees called rub trees, how to interpret bear signs, and much more. At the same time, we’ll always be on the lookout to spot a bear.

Grizzly Bear Cubs Reno Sommerhalder

Theme for Day 3

On this second day we will focus on trying to sight a bear in the avalanche slopes along the trail. Weather permitting, we will spend considerable amounts of time waiting and observing the slopes for any sign of wildlife and specifically bears.

Grizzly Bear in Flowers

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