Dine & Stay Package

at Heather Mountain Lodge

Sustainable Menus

Our emphasis on designing healthy and sustainable menus from local and seasonal ingredients makes for a singular “taste of place”, which means that dining at Heather Mountain Lodge offers a taste of our culture, our region and our heritage. We are committed to sourcing ingredients from as nearby as possible, starting with hyper-local.

The Heather Mountain Lodge sign with a "closed" status next to a road

Modernist Cuisine

If necessary, he widens the sourcing to provincially, then to Canadian, keeping food as close to home as it gets. Then, he creates his dishes using modern culinary techniques without going to the extremes of modernist cuisine, instead retaining a classical approach.

Our Commitment

But there’s something else that we’re proud of with Drolet’s addition to our team, on top of offering a stellar, one-of-a-kind dining experience. It represents our commitment to our staff — who are our community — and our business in an unprecedented year.

aerial view of heather mountain lodge

Welcome to Your Experience

During a time when so much seems uncertain, we are so committed to what we’ve created at Heather Mountain Lodge, that we are confident in investing in its future, in the next three years, five, ten and beyond.

Welcome to your singular experience. We can’t wait to host you at our table.

Two beds against a wall one either side of a side-table


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Package Price:

Packages from $360 + taxes per person

Subject to applicable taxes.

One Night Package includes:

One night accommodations (double occupancy)

1 x dinner. Three-course local live-fire food experience.

1 x breakfast. A la carte fresh, filling, and tasty.

1 x lunch. Gourmet picnic lunches for your adventures.