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Golden Skybridge: Canada’s highest suspension bridges opening this summer

Golden Skybridge

This summer, visitors to our local town of Golden, British Columbia, will have the opportunity to walk across Golden Skybridge, Canada’s newest and highest pair of suspension bridges. The bridges offer incredible views of the surrounding Purcell and Rocky Mountains as they take visitors over a deep canyon which crosses Edelweiss Creek and features a 61-metre waterfall. 


Construction of the two bridges was completed in December 2020, and they will be opening to the public in May 2021. The larger bridge is 130 metres high and 150 metres long, making it Canada’s highest suspension bridge. The second bridge is 80 metres high and 140 metres long, and is Canada’s second highest suspension bridge. 


Along with these iconic bridges, the park will also feature a 3-kilometre nature walk and a cafe. Plans are in place to expand the attraction later in the summer, with the addition of a tandem bungee canyon swing and a 1.2-kilometer zipline across the canyon. 

Originally called the Rocky Mountain Adventure Park, the family tourist attraction has recently announced its name-change to the Golden Skybridge, along with a new partnership with Pursuit Collection, a travel and hospitality company who run well-known attractions around the world including the nearby Banff Gondola and the Columbia Icefields Skywalk.

We are so excited to see a global company with strong roots in the Canadian Rockies invest in our local community and become another great part of our small mountain town as it grows and thrives. 

If you are interested in visiting this exciting new attraction this summer, enrich your experience even more by making us your adventure base at Canada’s beautiful and uncrowded Glacier National Park and Rogers Pass Historic Site

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Images by Maur Mere.