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Wedding Cost FAQ

We want to make booking a wedding with us a breeze! So we asked our Operations Manager Chantelle Scroggs to give us some real examples of what she gets asked most when it comes to budgeting for a wedding with Heather Mountain Lodge & Cabins.

How much does it cost to get married at Heather Mountain Lodge?

At Heather Mountain Lodge, the cost of your wedding is mostly up to you. We require that weddings book out the lodge for two nights. That includes all 22 rooms and 2 cabins, (we do offer preferred rates to your guests).

We do charge a $5000 site fee for the exclusive use of the lodge. Aside from that, it is entirely up to you what you choose to spend on your wedding.

What about reception price?

If you are looking to host a more formal reception our buffet menus start at $68 per person and our plated menus start at $98 per person. If you host wine with dinner our bottles of white wine start at $38 per person and our bottles of red wine start at $40 per person. Below is an example of what a typical wedding would cost at Heather Mountain Lodge.

*Post Ceremony Outdoor Cocktail Hour

  • Post Ceremony Champagne toast on the lawn $5 per person (half glass)
  • Two drinks per person $15. (Domestic craft beer and import beer starts at $7.50, and spirits start at $7.00 per beverage)
  • Canapes $15 per person.
  • Coffee & Tea service $4 per person.

*This Post Ceremony Outdoor Cocktail Hour would be $39 per person plus applicable taxes.

**Reception Dinner

  • Dinner buffet $68 per person.
  • Half a bottle of wine with dinner $20 per person.
  • Champagne toast (one glass) $10 per person.
  • Late-night snacks $12 per person.
  • Cake cutting $2 per person.

**This reception dinner example would be $112 per person plus applicable taxes.

What are some tips to save on wedding costs?

There are a few ways to help keep the costs down when it comes to a wedding. For example, have guests go up to the bar for drinks as opposed to have them served. That will not only save you money but it slows the consumption by your guests. You can have wait staff only pour glasses when they are empty as opposed to topping the glass up every time they do rounds. Only have a half a glass served for champagne toasts as most guests typically will not drink a full glass.

Hosting drinks until after dinner and then operating a cash bar or toonie bar as well as limiting the kind of wine, beer and spirits you offer is a great way to save money. Offering platters of canapes as opposed to passed canapes is a cost-effective way of offering a cocktail hour. Only offering beer and wine during cocktails, not allowing shots or doubles during an open bar and not having your event run too late into the night are all additional ways to keep your costs down.

What does having an open bar cost?

It’s hard to give exact numbers on an open bar as we can’t predict what your guests will drink and how much they will drink. However, a good rule of thumb when planning your wedding is that with an open bar guests will consume two drinks in the first hour and one drink per hour after that. If you had your open bar running from 9pm to midnight (fairly standard timing). You would be looking at each guest drinking 4 drinks, some will drink more and some will drink less so this is an average.

If you offered beer, wine and spirits the average price per drink would be $7 (approximately). You should then expect each guest will spend $28 each in a 3 hour period plus all applicable taxes. You will know your guests better than we will so ideally know if they will drink more or less and what type of drinks they may choose. For a wedding of 90 guests, we would suggest budgeting between $3000 and $5000 for an open bar.

What kind of taxes should we expect to pay?

All prices are subject to 5% GST, 7% PST and 10% PST on liquor sales. Additional expenses are: 2% municipal hotel tax on rooms. A service charge of 18% will be added to all Food and Beverage Services.

Are there any additional fees?

There is a $5000 services site fee that includes the following:

  • Event Manager support to assist you in planning the details pertaining to Heather Mountain Lodge and the flow of your wedding, including: food & beverage, floor plans, rooming lists and ceremony set up plan.
  • Your choice of outside & inside ceremony spaces (rain plan included).
  • Hosted Three-Course Tasting Dinner with the Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Manager.
  • Complimentary guest parking.
  • Linens, flatware & glassware.
  • Dining Chairs & banquet tables (rectangular tables only).
  • Tables for gifts, cakes etc. which are in inventory.
  • Early check-in for Bridal party.
  • Preferred vendors list.
  • Security.
  • Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publisher of Canada (Socan) royalty fee.

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